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Please choose the legal area in which you require support and we will match you with the most suitable professional in that field.

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All lawyers in our network are vetted, we check their experience and qualifications to work with dynamic tech businesses. Vetting process varies across different legal areas and countries.

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Lawyers in our network adopt flexible pricing models, such as fixed prices and project-based pricing for certain types of services. So, depending on the urgency and level of difficulty of your legal matter, you can choose to divide the payment over the course of a few months. Our lawyers also offer free initial consultations before getting started.

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Legal Nodes will match you only with lawyers that are best suited in your particular case taking into account multiple factors such as the stage of your company, case complexity and your budget. No need to ask for recommendations - Legal Nodes does this for you.

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Access and keep track of all your legal tasks through the dashboard in your personal cabinet, across different legal areas and countries.

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