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tier 1
Legal Consultants

Expert legal guidance and flexibility. Consulting services only.

Suitable for:
Simple contract work (e.g. NDA)
Website policies (Terms of Use, Privacy and Cookie Policy, AML/KYC Policy)
Data Protection Officer services
Trademark registration
Regulatory consultations
tier 2
Sole practitioners

Licensed legal professionals with niche expertise. Can provide legal advice.

Suitable for:
Complex contract work
(e.g. SaaS Agreement,
Company formation
Corporate structuring
IP structuring
full-stack GDPR
tier 3
Law firms

Top-level legal help for complex & multi-jurisdictional requests.

Suitable for:
Critical contract work (e.g. Investment Agreement, Shareholders Agreement)
Enterprise-wide compliance services
IP infringement claims
Asset Sales / Share Sales
Receiving financial

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