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Get matched with the best-fit legal counsel tailored to your business with access to our international network of vetted lawyers

How It Works?

Submit your initial legal request
Discuss your legal tasks on the free initial call with the Legal Nodes manager and get a demo of the platform.
Get matched with the best-fit legal counsel
Your legal counsel is tailored to your business and acts as a single point of contact for all your legal queries.
Get all your frequent legal tasks done
Submit your tasks, receive instant replies and have all your documents structured in a private data room.
Close complex legal projects on demand
Legal counsel has direct access to an international network of vetted lawyers from across the world.

Subscriptions for frequent legal tasks

Legal Counsel as-a-Service
Delegate frequent legal tasks to your personal legal counsel who is an industry expert
4 legal consultations for 30 minutes each
Simple document templates
Set up of a company’s online data room
Management of an online data room
Back-log of all legal tasks
2-hours response time
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Data Protection Officer as-a-Service
Subscription to the dedicated Data Protection Officer for companies, which have to comply with GDPR
Official DPO Designation
Response to 2 user requests
2 30-minutes consultations
GDPR Roadmap
3 templates of privacy documents
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