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Legal Nodes Helped AI Startup to Prepare for Due Diligence in a 3,75-million U.S. Dollars Acquisition Deal

Today we are excited to announce that Legal Nodes experts successfully supported Captain Growth AI due diligence for their acquisition by a tech marketing giant Perion with Captain Growth’s exit worth almost 3,75 million U.S. dollars.

As reported in today’s press-release by Perion Network Ltd., an Israel-based data-driven ad tech solution company, they have acquired Captain Growth to complement Undertone, a division at Perion.

Captain Growth is a Kyiv-based startup that has developed a proprietary AI platform to better connect and deliver relevant campaign messages through the entire ad journey. They aimed at replacing current ineffective AI systems with a next generation system, solving the problems of user control functionality and ad units scaling.

The Ukrainian company has been acquired for a total value of 3,75 million U.S. dollars.

Legal Nodex experts supported Captain Growth in the audit of incorporation documents, open source and intellectual property rights; privacy topics and material agreements; necessary government fillings and communication with governmental bodies.

 “Legal Nodes helped us when we needed legal support the most. We were looking for a legal team, willing to jump on the project from day one and be dedicated to the project for a long time. Luckily, we met Legal Nodes and they helped us succeed”, said Dmytro Bilash, Co-Founder at Captain Growth.

Because Mergers and Acquisitions (often referred to as “M&As”) require legal expertise from several fields of practice, they are considered to be among the most complex types of deals in the legal world.

For the last two months Legal Nodes experts have been working tirelessly to prepare Captain Growth’s due-diligence for their exit. Because the deal involved an acquisition of the company as a whole, it required legal expertise from various fields of law. We are beyond excited about the acquisition deal as this is a great example of Ukrainian IT talents. There is no doubt that this will open new horizons for the company”, said Nestor Dubnevych, Co-Founder and COO at Legal Nodes.

Legal Nodes is very thankful to Captain Growth AI for trusting us with this important legal task and wishes project’s founders and team more accomplishments in the future.

Legal Nodes Team

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