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Legal Nodes Acceleration with LongHash Ends with Demo Days in Berlin, Singapore and Shanghai

Acceleration is like running a marathon: your mentors are your “pacemakers” and you have to run even faster with every subsequent mile. What`s different is that the Demo Day is not a finish line but rather the first checkpoint on your lengthy journey of building a tech startup” says Nestor Dubnevych, Co-Founder and COO of Legal Nodes.

January 7, 2019 was a big day for Legal Nodes – it was the day our acceleration with LongHash Germany began. It was the first day of a 3-months program at Berlin, dedicated to the further development of our idea to decentralize the provision of legal services on a global scale, making them more accessible for tech-driven startups.

During the acceleration we have been working tirelessly and have:

  1. Interviewed startups to define key legal needs of tech-driven companies, which lead to us scaling from the blockchain industry to other tech spheres and implementing novel solutions on the Platform, like an option to speak with a personal legal manager;
  2. Onboarded first startups onto Legal Nodes platform and collected their feedback in order to further improve the platform's functionality;
  3. Expanded our global network of tech-savvy lawyers with passion to legal support of tech projects and the love for flexible work;
  4. Had two mentions in the media: an entire article dedicated to us in Forbes and listed among 10 most promising blockchain startups in the EU;
  5. Released 14 articles on the Legal Nodes Blog, contributed by members of the Team and our legal experts all around the glove;
  6. Organized our very first public event – a panel discussion “How to Conduct a Securities Token Offering Legally” in Berlin;
  7. Released a Securities Token Offering Legal Handbook for Startups and are currently working on a map for STOs as a follow-up.

In addition, during the course of the acceleration program, we had a chance to work with the best industry professionals and attend various workshops on business canvases, customer surveys, blockchain protocols, smart contracts, cybersecurity, legal compliance, finance, presentation, and pitching.

And as we all know, good things are even better when you have someone to share it with. This is why almost our entire Team travelled to Berlin for the Demo Day, where Legal Nodes presented the results of its` acceleration together with startups from Germany, Singapore and Australia. In-person presentation in Berlin was also followed by online pitches in Singapore and Shanghai.


Legal Nodes team at demo-day

Programs like LongHash Incubation is what really allows tech startups to test its` limits and break through them by working harder every day and proudly showing your accomplishments at the end.

Legal Nodes is beyond grateful to LongHash Germany, headed by Jasmine Zhang for this amazing learning and growing opportunity. Demo Day was not the end: it was just the beginning for us. And we look forward to working together with LongHash in the future.

Legal Nodes Team

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