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Privacy (GDPR)
Internet data mining. Is it legal in the EU?

Data mining is the process of collecting and analyzing human-readable data for own purposes. More and more businesses are built on that concept, scientists and medics also use automatically combined data from different sources to spawn predictio...

Ewa Wojnarska-Krajewska
Privacy (GDPR)
11 simple (but complete) steps towards the GDPR compliance in 2020

The GDPR can be a wake-up call to sort out your processes, procedures and technology and thereby run a more successful organisation. Data is now more essential than ever, regardless of your activities or market sector. Not only will efficiencies...

Thomas Hayes
Contract Work
Force Majeure Clauses and the Effect of Coronavirus on Businesses

The coronavirus pandemic has made force majeure clauses one of the hottest legal topics worldwide. To help businesses navigate this issue, we asked Tom Bohills, an English qualified lawyer and the Founder of Chronos Law, to explain the backgrou...

Tom Bohills
Not everyone can do everything: Things FinTech businesses should keep their eye on

5 practical recommendations for FinTech businesses from a regulatory and compliance expert....

Lamara von Albertini, PhD
Privacy (GDPR)
Privacy for Health Applications fighting with COVID-19

The COVID-19 has triggered a boom of Medtech / health-tracking apps. They, too, however, face privacy issues. ...

Vlad Nekrutenko
Privacy (GDPR)
Privacy of Employees during COVID

Employers experience unprecedented challenges due to the coronavirus outbreak. One of them is how to maintain data protection requirements in the new setting....

Vlad Nekrutenko
Privacy (GDPR)
Abusive by Design: Part 3. Dark Patterns v. the GDPR

Dark Patterns are tricks used on websites and apps that make you do things that you didn't mean to, like buying or signing up for something....

Vlad Nekrutenko
For Startups
Sandbox Express as the Fast Line for FinTech Startups in Singapore

In the middle of August, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) has adopted new Sandbox Express rules for innovative businesses. As the name implies, the rules provide a fast and easy entry into the sandbox compared to existing sandboxes or...

Serhii Mokhniev
Privacy (GDPR)
Abusive by Design: Part 2. Make Consent Informed Again

Digital design directly corresponds with transparency and fairness, the provider's direct obligations before users. Design of user choices and legal docs must involve a close collaboration of legal and design professionals, which ensures the use...

Vlad Nekrutenko