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GDPR Compliance for your business in Europe with Data Protection Officer (DPO) subscription for $119/month

Fast, reliable, affordable. At least 5 times more efficient than hiring a DPO in-house.
Full assessment of data protection and preparation for GDPR
Reducing the risk of fines and site blocking by regulators
Management of requests and complaints from users
Support of the conclusion of contracts with clients in Europe

Why do you have to hire a DPO?

GDPR requirements

Since 2018, the position of Data Protection Officer (DPO) has become mandatory for companies working on the European Union market, in order to have independent oversight of their GDPR compliance in accordance with Art. 37.

Who needs DPO?

This applies to companies whose business model is based on the collection and analysis of personal data:
#social networks
#task management systems
#customer data
#geolocation tracking
#ad targeting
Or to those processing sensitive data:
#about health
#about sex life
#sexual orientation
#ethnic and racial origin
#political, philosophical and religious beliefs
#about trade union membership
#on criminal convictions

Who is the Data Protection Officer?

DPO is an independent intermediary between your company and users, employees, and regulatory bodies in all matters related to the protection of personal data.

How to get started with a DPO from Legal Nodes?

1. Initial consultation and analysis of your business model.
2. DPO designation and organisation of the working environment.
3. GDPR Roadmap and privacy document templates.
4. Support of the Data Protection Officer.

Why choose DPO from Legal Nodes?

An average DPO service:
Starting at 500 EUR/month (6000 / year)
Not transparent price-making with the subscription
Reply within 24 hours
Data Protection Officer from Legal Nodes:
Starting at $119/month (1428 / year) - basic company support package
Predictable budgets for additional work
Reply to your inquiry within 2 hours


1. Who is a Data Protection Officer (DPO) and why companies need him?

The Data Protection Officer is an intermediary between the company and its users / employees / supervisory authorities in all matters related to personal data protection. His role is to oversee the company’s GDPR compliance, advise on the protection of personal data, and communicate with regulatory authorities and personal data subjects. Since its entry into force in 2018, Art. 37 GDPR obliged to designate a Data Protection Officer in all companies that:1. carry out systematic monitoring and collection of data about individuals on a large scale. Examples include the provision of marketplace services, social networking services, systems for managing tasks or personal data collected by the company, tracking a person's geolocation, or targeting ads based on a person's profile; or2.collect and process in large volumes sensitive data, which include: health data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a person, genetic data, data about a person's sex life and sexual orientation, data on ethnic and racial origin, political, philosophical and religious beliefs and trade union membership, as well as data on criminal offences committed by a person.

2. What are the benefits of our service?

Data Protection Officers in the European Union offer a costly annual subscription (prices can start at 500 EUR/month) for 2 to 10 hours of support. We understand that for startups and SMEs, a monthly subscription of 500 EUR may be disproportionate to the budgets and needs of the business. To address this issue, we offer our clients to sign up their project for an affordable monthly DPO subscription with an additional breakdown of the payment for GDPR work for the months that follow. This alternative approach will allow you to optimise the costs of DPO services while maintaining compliance with the GDPR Art. 37 requirements and developing a detailed plan for further actions.

3. Who is responsible for the quality of the provided services?

A dedicated Data Protection Officer assigned to your company. Legal Nodes is responsible for the screening and selection of a person, as well as for providing the methodology by which they should work. Data Protection Officers from Legal Nodes network are licensed or certified and have the necessary experience, which implies high standards of work. Violation of the latter may result in the revocation of the license / certification.

4. What about confidentiality? Can I trust the confidential information to Legal Nodes?

Direct contract and NDA with Data Protection Officer ensures that all information is protected by confidentiality obligations.

5. Will I be able to complete all GDPR tasks of my business within $119/month?

The subscription covers the support of the company's recurring GDPR issues. The management of complex GDPR projects is included in the subscription, but the payment for their implementation is calculated separately and is not covered by the subscription cost.

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Protect your business from GDPR penalties by protecting your users' personal data.
Delegate your GDPR tasks to the DPO from Legal Nodes:
Full assessment of data protection and preparation for GDPR
Reducing the risk of fines and site blocking by regulators
Management of requests and complaints from users
Privacy contract work with clients from Europe