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Delegate legal work to a dedicated legal counsel. Only for $99/month.

2-hour response rate. Predictable legal budgets. Global support enabled by an international legal network of 120+ specialists.
2 to 5 times faster and cheaper than hiring a lawyer in-house.


1. Who is a Dedicated Legal Counsel and what are the matching criteria?

Dedicated Legal Counsel is a lawyer from Legal Nodes assigned to your business. He or she gets selected by a manager from Legal Nodes according to the size, industry, market, and budget expectations of the company. After that, you have the opportunity to receive a free consultation from legal counsel. The goal is for both parties to understand whether they are ready to work together. If yes - you can subscribe. If not - you can get re-matched. All legal counsels in our network go through a complex screening process. We check their license, soft skills, and experience of working with IT companies and startups. Legal counsels have to also follow the Legal Nodes standards among which is a fast turnaround time and focus on solving the problem. The Legal Nodes model allows you to stop the subscription at any time and/or get matched with a different legal counsel if it's not working for you. This saves time not only on the legal routine but also on finding and hiring a lawyer in-house.

2. How does Legal Nodes differ from a law firm?

Legal Nodes is a tech-enabled platform that helps businesses solve all their legal tasks remotely. At Legal Nodes, you get dedicated legal counsel backed by an international legal network from different countries and practice areas. This allows companies to receive benefits that international law firm infrastructure provides without paying for overheads. This is how Legal Nodes differs from law firms.

3. Who handles the quality of the legal services provided?

Dedicated legal counsel assigned to your company. Legal Nodes handles the screening and sets the rules for client service. All legal counsels are licensed or certified professionals (for example, if we speak of personal data protection). This means that they are under obligation to adhere to strict codes of conduct. Their violation might result in the revocation of a licence/certification.

4. What if my request is outside the scope of the legal counsel expertise?

Legal counsel has direct access to a vetted international network of 120+ lawyers from 20 countries. Acting as your company representative he/she can submit requests for proposals to the network or clarify any legal question. With your permission, legal counsel can then proceed to selecting the most suitable contractor, managing the execution, and keeping you up-to-date on the status of work.

5. What about privacy? Can I trust Legal Nodes with my confidential information?

You sign the Agreement and NDA with you legal counsel. This guarantees that the rules of client-lawyer privilege are being adhered to. Also, in most of the jurisdictions client-lawyer privilege is implied by the law. This means that all the confidential information is private and secure by default.

6. Will I be able to close all the legal tasks of my company for $99 / month?

The subscription to Dedicated Legal Counsel covers the frequent legal tasks. A more detailed list can be found here. It also covers the management of the complex legal projects and selection of the most suitable lawyers. The price of complex legal projects is calculated separately and are not covered by the subscription cost.

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