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How do I find out the exact price of legal service?

You receive the exact price after talking with the Legal Nodes manager and receiving a short version of the legal action plan. You can book a call with the Legal Nodes manager on the Legal Nodes website.

What factors determine the final price of legal service?

The following factors are taken into account: the stage your company is at, the number of clients and markets on which you operate, as well as the size of your team. The reason being that all of those factors affect the scope and complexity of your legal tasks, and, subsequently - their costs. Legal Nodes'manager will clarify those factors during the call and take them into account when finalizing the price of a legal package for your company.

Can I order a specific legal service from a package if I don't need the entire package?

Yes, you can. The Legal Nodes manager will help you clarify your request during the call and analyze it. After the call, the manager will form a specific action plan with a budget for its implementation. This action plan can include both individual legal services and service packages.

Can I order legal services packages as part of my subscription plan?

"Packages are project-based serviсes and are not included in the subscription, BUT Legal Nodes' clients with an active subscription can order packages at discounted rates. Legal counsel on subscription will have all the necessary information about your company and spare time on any clarifications of the client case. "

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